GameOn'NA 2005
Copyright Hinx3

August 22nd - 23rd, 2005

[ 26/Aug/05 ]
Pictures are now posted on the pictures page!

[ 24/Aug/05 ]
The conference held 25 participants in all and was a great success!
Thanks to everyone for your help, contributions, and feedback.
We hope to see you at next year's GameOn'NA!
Pictures of the event will soon be posted.

[ 13/Aug/05 ]
Pictures of conference rooms and buildings have been added to the venue page.
Gibby's has been chosen for the place to hold the conference supper. (Note: an excellent vegetarian option will also be available).
Updated the missing venue pages.

[ 09/Aug/05 ]
The programme has now been posted on the web site!
The venue page is now created. It contains a good deal of local infortmation.
Brian Cameron is finally confirmed as an invited speaker.

[ 02/Aug/05 ]
The early registration deadline has been exended to August 15th.
The web host was down yesterday but is now back up!

[ 26/Jul/05 ]
The conference has been reduced to 2 days. The conference now ends August 23rd.
No activities have been dropped. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

[ 18/Jul/05 ]
The workshop section is expanded.
Keynote invitation cancelled due to budget constraints.
Duane Szafron added to the invited speaker list in lieu of keynote speaker.
Both fax/mail and electronic registrations now available (hurry, to avoid extra costs!).
Expanded the accommodations page.

[ 4/Jul/05 ]
The submission deadline is extended to Friday (July 8th, 2005).

[ 13/Jun/05 ]
We updated the poster:
Download here

[ 31/May/05 ]
We now have a promotional poster for the event.

[ 2/May/05 ]
Added many new members to the PC.
Added two new sections, along with initial content:
Invited Speakers, Formatting Instructions

[ 20/Apr/05 ]
PC section expanded; most sections added.
CFPs sent out and posted on several sites.

[ 23/Feb/05 ]
Programme Committee section added.

[ 22/Feb/05 ]
Deadlines section updated.

[ 21/Feb/05 ]
Initial page posted!