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McGill University

McGill University is located as close to the center of downtown Montreal as any landmark can get.

A shot of the Arts building right after the main entrance

The address at the main gates is 845 Sherbrooke St. West. Be careful.. Sherbrooke is a very loooong street and expands in both ways outside of the downtown area. Here is a very helpful map of area surrounding the main campus which could also be used for directions.

The right half of the Roddick Gates, the main entrance to the campus

The conference will be held in the McConnell Building, which is actually closer to the entrance at the corner of University and Milton, but can be easily reached by walking across the main campus from the main entrance, which is at the corner of Sherbrooke and McGill College. This map of the campus may also be of great use.

Entrance to McConnell Engineering Building
McConnell Engineering Building as seen from outside

If you are planning to use public transport, you will want to get off at McGill metro station. The fee for adults is $2.50 for both the bus and metro. Keeping your transfer on the bus will allow to switch onto the metro (subway) system for free. Metro transfers also allow you to switch onto the bus. Both transfers are only valid for a limited time. The STM website might help you plan your trip, particularly their trip planner service.

If you are driving, it is recommended that you leave your car at your hotel to avoid driving in the city. This is of course assuming that your hotel is within walking distance. If you are forced to drive into the city, then you can park on the main campus itself for a cost of 3$/hour during 6h00 - 17h00 (14$ daily maximum) and 7$ for evenings (entry between 17h00 and 23h00, exit before 6h00). Parking in the city costs 1$ per hour before 18h00 and is free afterwards, but most parking meters only hold 2 hours worth of paid parking time. If you plan to park on campus, you should be aware of the campus parking regulations.

These are pictures of the rooms that will be used for the conference:

McConnell 103
SOCS Seminar Room
Grad Student Lounge
McConnell Cafeteria