Other Projects at McGill

McGill has a proud history of cutting-edge research. It's involvement to game research is not limited to Computer Science. Here are some of the other game-related project found at McGill.

Self-esteem Games

Around the world the Serious Games movement is showing that computer games can be used to train people to fly airplanes, overcome their phobias, and control their anxiety levels. Psychology games can help people to stop focusing on criticisms and conflicts, and instead turn toward warm, supportive relations with others. The research of the Social Intelligence Lab, supervised by Mark Baldwin of the Psychology Department, has shown that playing specially-designed games can lead to increased self-confidence and reduced stress.

Link: [http://selfesteemgames.mcgill.ca/]

A Journey to the Past: A Quebec Village in the 1890s

Link: [http://www.envi-iven.com/]